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StartUp Bus

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Think you know startups?  Ready to test yourself against the best and brightest from around the country?  Applications are open for talented hackers (coders), hustlers (marketers) and hipsters (designers) looking for an amazing experience on the 2013 Columbus StartupBus.  We’re also looking for a few good sponsors.





StartupBus is an international community connected by one common event - we’re so passionate about startups that each year hundreds of us pack into buses heading to Austin TX, form teams, and launch companies by the time we reach SXSW.  Oh yea, we also stop at great places along the way like The Brandery, Graceland, Nashville Hard Rock Café, LSU and RackSpace in San Antonio.  That is what Anand and Ben did last year and hope you get to do this year.


There’s no telling what can happen when you mix creativity, talent, and raw passion inside a rolling crucible for three days.  Teams from Ohio last year launched mobile games, social apps, business utilities and communications tools with names like Brainz with Friends, Neighboardly, Dare Decathalon and LIstnr to name just a few.  Every year, the Buspreneurs prove that you can do more than you ever imagined and that sleep is intended for another day.


What started in 2010 as a friendly challenge during a bus trip from California to Texas grew into three busses in 2011 and eleven busses in 2012.  StartupBus now is an international organization with over 500 alumni participating on more than two-dozen busses across North America and Europe.


For 2013, StartupBus is back in a big way and we’re seeking both applicants and sponsors.  Becoming a Buspreneur is to have an amazing experience and connect to the brightest and most passionate entrepreneurial talent in the world.  Joining us as a sponsor connects you to something great and supports entrepreneurs disrupting the status quo.




Saturday, March 2: Cities - Launch parties in respective cities


Sunday, March 3: On the road - Busses depart from cities


Monday, March 4: On the road


Tuesday: March 5: On the road - Arrive in San Antonio, TX in evening (rolling arrival)


Wednesday, March 6: San Antonio - Semi-final pitches in evening


Thursday, March 7: San Antonio - Finals, 10:30AM-12:30PM


Friday, March 8: Austin - Grand final


Saturday, March 9: Austin - Final StartupBus/Rackspace party in Austin



How to Apply

Go to http://startupbus.com/ and connect on Facebook.

Send Anand and Ben an e-mail to let us know you’re interested.  If you have the right stuff, we’ll send you an invite.



For application information, please contact:

Anand Kapur

Founder, FluuidPayments




For sponsorship information, please contact:

Ben Lagemann

VP New Ventures, Fast Switch, Ltd.







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